Raj and Avni get permission for their marriage in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

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In this news, Raj and Avni have got permission from Avni’s family for their marriage.

All are happy and they exchange shagun (gifts). Arpita tells them she hopes they always stay happily together.

In interview, Avni and Raj say they waited for this very long and now finally it’s happening. The reporter asks them to propose each other in front of camera, Raj touches Avni’s feet and requests her to marry him. She says she got permission from her dad, so she will now. Avni too then requests Raj to marry her.

The reporter then asks for their future plans. Raj says they will be doing all planning and preparations. For honeymoon, he wants London or New York.

Avni puts her demands that she won’t be cooking as Raj’s family has catering business. She will also want Raj to take her out 4 days a week for shopping, movies, and all. Raj’s demand is that he won’t accept any of Avni’s demands. They both laugh and have fun.

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