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Reporter says, Rudra and mayra are enjoying pasta party. Mayra has made this pasta that Rudra and Rohit are eating. They are delighted to eat the pasta.
Thruv is eating with them as well.
Reporter says, the story behind this pasta is so painful though.

Off screen mayra shows a highly over cooked roti(bread), she says I shouldn’t be trying this I should eat my Mcencheese pasta. Rudra says the bowl is empty now.

Reporter says, Mayra had to make this pasta as thruv refused to eat Rudra’s overcooked bread and vegetable. Rudra says no one was home so i had no option rather than cooking. but if he doesn’t wanna eat her can go ahead and ask someone to make him pasta.

Off screen Thruv says macroni. Rudra says, didn’t you like my vegetable? thruv says no. Rudra says okay go home and eat macroni.

Reporter says you have to tell this recipe to rudra. You will leave after marrying Rohit and Rudra will have to make this pasta for Thruv. Mayra off screen says, recipe is very easy you just put some butter, milk, flour, white sauce and garlic and milk.

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