Rupa Bhattacharya to play a WICKED character in SUN Bangla’s Mahtirtha Kalighat


KOLKATA: A new character will enter SUN Bangla’s socio-mythological show Mahtirtha Kalighat to add twists and turns to the storyline.

The new character to be introduced is Nishi, a black-hearted night spirit. With her entry, the battle between good and evil is going to intensify in the show.

Bhujanga tantrik’s desperation to acquire the evil goals reaches a new high as the wicked man this time gives birth to Nishi from his own blood to abduct Kali bhakt, Uma. Whether or not Nishi will be successful in abducting Uma is something the viewers will have to find out by watching the show.

The makers have roped in Rupa Bhattacharya to play the role of Nishi. The actress is excited about the show.

Rupa said in a statement to business trade, “I am working for the first time with SUN Bangla and I’m super excited about it. Though I have played negative characters before for other TV shows, but Nishi is important as I have never played such a character. Nishi is a tool which Bhujongo uses to fulfil his evil desires. Nishi is not a vamp but a wicked character who looks beautiful, her behaviour is mysterious and she is very sensuous. As the storyline proceeds mystery of Nishi unveils. My character is dark and vicious but it has a glamour that makes it way more interesting.”

Rupa’s entry will be shown soon.

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