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Surbhi makes Prem eat the Laddos which she has prepared specially for him. Prem eats laddos and praises its taste, Surbhi get happy.

Reporter says, the man who eats laddo of marriage, feels contrite about it for whole life and Prem has eaten this laddo two times. His hongkong journey became sweet with sweetish Laddos.

Off-screen, Surbhi jokes that he will get two laddos, Prem says I am afraid that I will get diabetes.

Reporter says, Prem has comes to hongkong with his second wife Srubhi but he will encounter his first wife Simar there. Reporter says, Prem got emotional eating laddos.

Off-screen prem says, We came here to take part in competition where we will make laddos but our cook couldn’t come to hongkong so Srubhi said that she will make laddos. Prem makes surbhi eat laddo, he says Surbhi couldn’t attend gym so she is not eating.

Off-screen, Surbhi, Prem and Vikrant are sitting in hotel. Prem says I am hungry but I cannot eat as they have given me chop-stick which I don’t know how to use.

Reporter says, this journey will have many twists and turns but it will not suffering, this journey will give new way to Prem and Simar’s life.

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