Saurabh Pandey gets six pack Abs


For his comeback, the actor has also transformed his physique and developed six packs. “Yes, I did undergo a transformation as I had enough of me not feeling 100% myself. Of course it does affect how people look at you if you are not in your optimum shape. Last when I had had 6 packs was for my show ‘Shaurya Aur Suhani’ for Star Plus. After that life got crazy and I was not able to devote much time to my physique. However, I decided if I want to do something new, I needed to look new and go through a transformation. So, I changed my diet, got a trainer to push me and was on a strict training regime,” he says.

Ask him if he feels six packs are necessary for all actors on TV, and he says, “Usually 6 packs are not needed in TV shows but this time I don’t plan to aim TV shows only. I wish to try my luck in movies as well. Maintaining 6 pack abs is not always easy. People do go to different heights to maintain them. But I don’t like to strain my body too much. So, I keep everything in life in moderation. After all, balance is the key. It took me almost 5 months to transform. Out of which almost for 2 months I travelled and 2 months, I underwent serious training. Now, all I need to do is maintain my diet, gymming and Yoga.”

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