Shakti shows her possessive side for Raghav


Star Plus dance reality show Dance Plus is a very successful series on television. The show sees contestants from all over India bring a string of variations to their styles and it just makes our eyes boggle.

Now the concept of the show is where these contestants are being trained by coaches Puneet, Dharmesh, Shakti and in the latest season, she was replaced by choreographer Karishma.

And one of the USP’s of the show is that it’s been hosted by Raghav who makes the show very entertaining.

One the highlights of the show is the fun banter between Shakti and Raghav.

Raghav is always seen flirting with Shakti and always expressing his love for her in a fun way.

We have always seen videos where Raghav is more vocal about his feelings be it love or jealousy.

Now we came across a video where Shakti seems to be expressing a sort of feeling for Raghav.

There is no doubt that Raghav and Shakti make an adorable pair and the fans love watching them together. But all this fun was missed in the last season as Shakti had stepped down as the judge of the show.

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