Soonawalla making fun of Hina Khan?


With a lockdown of 21 days, our daily routine has become limited to our homes. This also includes all the celebrities, who are finding several ways, some productive, to spend time.

Hina Khan has been documenting all her quarantine activities and sharing it with her fans on Instagram. Right from working out and helping her mother to household chores to spending some quality time with family, she has found some great ways to keep her occupied. And now, it looks like VJ and Bigg Boss fame Benafsha Soonawalla just imitated the Hacked actress.

Taking to her Instagram account, Benafsha shared a one-minute-clip of what as per her people are doing during their quarantine. Dressed up in a black sports bra and shorts, Benafsha begins by cooking, washing utensils and cleaning her kitchen, and then she tried her hands at pushups and makes some hilarious noises while doing so. The VJ further goes to her fridge and grabs something to eat, multiple times. She also sings ‘nanha munha rahi hoon’ in front of the camera and mocks people doing the Instagram challenge of tagging ten beautiful girls.

Well, all this while, it was Benafsha Soonawalla’s hilarious expression that turned out to be the highlights of the video. And it is to be noted how she did almost everything that Hina Khan has shared on her social media pages.

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