Sumeet Vyas reveals his wife Ekta Kaul is expected to deliver their child in the first week of June


Sumeet Vyas is one of the most popular and talented actors. The actor, who is married to actress Ekta Kaul, is all set to become a father. The couple announced the expected arrival of their first child, on social media.

Now, Sumeet has opened up on Ekta’s due date, baby’s name, and much more. In an interview with, when Sumeet was asked how did he keep it a secret for so long, he said, “I thought there’s no point talking about these things. Anyway, first two-three months they say that batana nahi chahiye. Time rolled by and then, we were attacked by corona across the globe.”

So, when is Ekta due? He answered, “We’re expecting her to deliver in the first week of June. Hopefully, things will be normal by then.” When the portal further asked if they have thought of any names, he shared, “Right now we have thought of some names no doubt. We need to speak to my Dad. Woh thoda kundali mein vishwas rakhte hain. After that, we shall finalise.”

As we know, due to coronavirus, citizens are locked-up in their homes, so with no domestic help how are they managing things at home, and to this, he said, “We divide the work. She cooks and I do the cleaning.”

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