uvika Choudhary, Kashmera Shah and others help fans trend #WeLoveCaptainArti!


The past one week has been quite a whirlwind journey in the Bigg Boss 13 house! While the house saw new wild card entrants as well some old faces come back into the house, which was a stepping stone to new groups and budding friendships, it also saw the first lady captain of the house take over it quite well!

Yes Arti Singh who has been quite the underdog player this Bigg Boss season, has infact been widely complimented and loved for her fair and square captaincy skills throughout this week.

While she had some close ones turn their backs on her when she needed them the most, Arti still tried to reconcile with her group inspite of them cold shouldering her and firmly stuck to her ground by making decisions which were fair to one and all!

Fans and viewers who while showing love and sympathy towards Arti who was turned away by her own friends in the house, have alsl been loving this strong captain side of her’s, and so went all out with a mega social media #WeLoveCaptainArti trend!

Crossing more than around 11,000 tweets from her well wishers and supporters, close friends and family like Kashmera Shah, Yuvika Choudhary and a few others came out in support of the fans to help them successfully trend #WeLoveCaptainArti!

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