What attracts you to the opposite sex? Celebs tell us!


Be it the eyes or how they treat people lower to them, these celebrities give their take on what helps them form their first impressions when they meet someone from the opposite sex!

Zayn Khan : So, first of all, obviously her eyes They say it’s the eyes where the beauty lies. As for first impressions, every girl is different with a different style. So I guess first impressions depends on how that is presented.

Sidharrth Sipani : Her face. vibes, personality and her simplicity are what I see for the first time when I see a girl. It’s how she presents her self, how she talks and behaves. That is more important for me than how she looks.

Vijayendra Kumeria : I notice grooming at first sight…I get impressed if the woman is well-groomed from head to toe. By grooming, I don’t mean lots of makeup and trendy hairstyles, but how she carries herself! And yes, a smiling and pleasant personality is impressive too.

Avinash Mukherjee : How her hair is made, black kajal is unmissable, her shoes and how she carries herself and uses her space. But my first good impression is set depending on how she smells. I love fragrances.

Pranitaa Pandit: The smile of the person when I first meet them is what I notice. The vibe that they give me is important to me. My first impression is set by seeing how genuine and real they are. That matters to me a lot.

Aditi Patankar Gupta: The first thing I usually notice about men is the way they carry themselves but the ultimate impression relies on the conversational level which says a lot more about them. All men dress well these days so it doesn’t have that impact anymore. Socially balanced behaviour is what has become the benchmark now. Finally, communication defines the authenticity of the intelligence of a man. Only great conversations can have a lasting impression!

Sucheeta Trivedi: How he behaves with people who are lesser than him in status and financially and how he behaves with people who are above him in terms of money and status. This is what forms my first impression of a man.

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