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Raman is sitting in distress. Ishita comes and places her head on his lap. They are bot gloomy. They swipe each others tears. A storm has raged on Mihir’s life since he has been betrayed by Mihika. He doesn’t know what to do. Ishita and Raman are also worried for him.

Tears stream down his face as Raman tries to console him. He can’t bear the pain. Raman hugs him but nothing works out. Raman swipes his tears.

Raman says, Mihir is my brother and I’m upset to see him bereaved. A twist has come that has ruined Mihir’s life completely. Ishita says, Raman can now console people. I have taught him how.

Ishita did all she could for Mihir. She wants to make him smile. Ishita says, me and Raman were trying to handle Mihir. It looks good when your husband maturely handles family members.

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