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Raman is room-less in his own house. He has sleep on a sofa in the drawing room. Reporter says, once Raman used to be the king of his house, but today he has to sleep on a couch even smaller than him and he is so uncomfortable there. Raman came home thinking that Maa will love him sing him a lullaby but she scolded at him saying she is out of my control.

Raman is massaging a bam on his forehead and endeavoring to sleep, Ishita comes there with tea. Raman says what are you doing? Go to the woman you have brought in my house and you have kept her in my room. Ishita says I had no other option. Raman says go serve her. It took me 6 years to get over her and you have brought her back.

Reporter tells, the argument lasted for about 15 minutes but towards the end Raman had to sleep.

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