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Everyone makes pickles. Its Naksh’s birthday. Everyone works together to prepare the dinner for his birthday. Gifts are ready. Akshara and Bhabhi maa are discussing the theme for Naksh’s birthday. Karishma is planning Naksh’s birthday with him. Naksh says Karishma chachi is so nice, mom would have scolded at me for taking too long to decide stuff for my birthday. Karishma is doing this to relegate Akshara.

Karishma says it will be a party. There will be a lot of food, music, DJ and presents. Naksh asked Varsha not to make cake for him.

Off screen: Natik says I think Karishma is using Naksh to relegate Akshara. She is trying to get back to Akshara. I scolded at Naksh for being rude because of Karishma’s manipulation. Natik says he called Varsha’s cake funny and says he doesn’t want that cake. Varsha has always been making cakes for him. We didn’t like his behavior.

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