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Naman and Karishma’s wedding preparations have started. There is happiness all around. Natik and Ishita are making the guest list. In order to keep everyone happy in the wedlocks the host always miss some points. Same is happening with Akshara.

Off screen: Akshara says, It was Karishma’s dream to get married on a beach. So the venue will be decided on bases of that. When we can do Pooja in Bangkok we can do anything. Natik says, she wanted to marry on a beach so we are going there for her. Divyani says, Goa is distant from here. Don’t know how will we manage up there.

Entire family is sitting together and finalizing the things They enjoy music and dance meanwhile. Divyani says, Its our son’s wedding we have to be happy.

Rashmi gets angry as she has to leave her room. She says, that has always been my room and I have so many memories attached to it. I am the youngest and the most loved one here. So yes I dont want to leave me room. Divyani says, I am always worried when she comes here. She is moody.

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