Actress Sara Khan’s avatar as Devi Paulomi in Santoshi Maa is a sight to behold


Actress Sara Khan who’s currently seen in the television show Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein is slaying her new look as Devi Paulomi. The actress has shared a few of her looks on her social media and they’re absolutely breath-taking.

From flaunting beautiful shimmering jewelry to radiant goddess-like attire, Sara is a sight to behold as Devi Paulomi. Talking about her look, Sara says, “I love to dress up, and Devi Paulomi’s avatar is undoubtedly beautiful!! Everything from the attire to the makeup and the jewelry is absolutely gorgeous”

Although Sara is busy shooting for her new show, she’ll soon be releasing new music as the actress earlier mentioned that she loves both acting as well as music, and wants to have a great career in both the industries.

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