Mahhi Vij accused of borrowing clothes and not returning for Shehnaaz Gill’s Bigg Boss 13 stay


Mahhi Vij who is a popular name in the world of TV has been embroiled in a controversy. The actress has been alleged of borrowing clothes from a Delhi based online retail and not returning them back. As per the post on Instagram page called ‘Made For Her’, Mahhi borrowed clothes for Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaaz Gill who was locked inside the house at that time and in return courtesy tagging to the brands were promised. But even after the show got over, few of the clothes weren’t returned to the designer in spite of regular follow-ups. They also shared screenshots of the actress interacting with them where Mahhi confirmed misplacing some of the outfits. She, however, agreed to compensate the loss.

The moment the post was shared many users were seen calling out the stylist for defaming the actress for the sake of publicity. Users argued that when Mahhi has already agreed to return the clothes and bear the loss what is the intention to post it on social media? Here are few comments where you can see Mahhi Vij and Shehnaaz Gill’s fans schooling the stylist for dragging the matter on social media than handling it professionally.

When a leading portal contacted the stylist Naina Jindal to know what exactly went wrong she said, “For Bigg Boss 13, I was sourcing for a lot of female contestants like Rashami Desai, Mahira Sharma, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Shefali Jariwala already when I got a message from Mahhi Vij requesting to source for Shehnaaz Gill also. And I agreed to it because Mahhi is an immensely popular face and she promised that I will get your credits done and as soon as the show will get over I will return your clothes. I saw Shehnaaz wearing my outfits and gave no credit. I raised my concern to Mahhi and she got it sorted. Once the show was over Mahhi sent me back the outfits among which few jeans and tops were missing. So I messaged her about it and in reply she said few are still with me I will get that couriered. And during this process only lockdown got announced so she couldn’t send the remaining clothes at that time but I was satisfied as it’s safe with her. And the moment lockdown got lifted I reminded her again to send back my clothes but in return there was no response. Then one day she said I will ask Shehnaaz’s manager to pick up from my house and courier them but that also did not happen and she was continuously making excuses. One day we spotted one of the tops which Shehnaaz had worn during Bigg Boss 13 so I pinged her. I don’t mind you wearing that but it will be great if you give credit to us which she eventually did. But still my clothes were not returned when we asked her again about the clothes she revealed few are there and some have been misplaced. So I told her for the misplaced clothes, we will generate a bill and give it to you and you kindly pay which she agreed but even after sending her the bill which was just 25k, she stopped responding to our messages and then blocked us. Hence, I decided to take this route to get my money back”.

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