AWW! Nia Sharma gets lucky. On being exclusive Kamal Kumar proposes Nia. Will Nia accept the proposal ???


Neha Sharma, known by her stage name Nia Sharma, is a Hindi actress who acts in the Indian television industry. She debuted on television with a supporting role on Kaali – Ek Agnipariksha in 2010. This was followed by another supporting role in the Behenein. Nia is a very beautiful lady who was recently proposed by her co-star Kamal. The incident happened in front of the whole crew which was shocking.

Nia was evenly in a different expression as she did not expect this coming in her way. She was proposed by a co-star, ” I went suddenly on my knees and proposed Nia ” – says kamal. Being in a different state of mind the actress Nia took care of the situation in a decent way. The actress took the charge of the whole to propose happening in not so awkward way. The pre-story before the proposal goes this way – Nia was shooting for her future projects which was basically a song shoot. Her co-star ( Kamal Kumar ) went in the typical pattern of proposing a girl- sat on his knees and proposed to the diva Nia. While everyone was awestruck to see the proposal Nia took it very sportingly.

On giving an interview kamal expresses his outlook for the same, he says “We were waiting for the shot, everyone was busy doing their own thing when I suddenly went on my knees and proposed to her. Everyone was shocked until both Nia and I started laughing. Though it was not serious, Nia is a gorgeous girl who wouldn’t want to propose to her”.

It was a whole masti mode and behind the scene, diaries to make up the mood and entertain the crew. Nia too played along and was not upset for the scenario tells Kamal. It was all about a jolly moment on the sets.

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