Emily Blunt’s first kiss was horrible


Actress Emily Blunt has described her first kiss as a “horror show”, because she was left needing to wipe her mouth when the kiss was over.

Blunt shared that she was playing spin the bottle with friends when the bottle landed on Ashley, whom she said was a tall and handsome boy with a 90s “curtained” hairstyle that she and her friends found attractive.

“I spun the bottle, it landed on Ashley, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is it’. Now, I had heard about the concept of French kissing but I thought: ‘Why would that be pleasurable or nice?’ And it wasn’t,” Blunt recalled during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

She added: “I was just horrified by the whole thing. I just remember surreptitiously wiping my mouth afterwards. It was horrible.”

Although her kiss with Ashley didn’t work out, Blunt says she was able to find love with her husband John Krasinski.

Her actor-filmmaker spouse had earlier praised Blunt as “the most tremendous actress of our time”.

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