EXCLUSIVE! Bandini’s Prerna Wanvari RETURNS to television with Sandiip Sikcand’s Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai


MUMBAI: Sandiip Sikcand brings a new show for Star Bharat titled Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai, the concept and storyline are extremely intriguing to see a single mother and a little one’s story that crosses paths with a movie star.

Well, the show stars Sayli Salunkhe and Karan V Grover as leads, as we know Karan is a superstar in the show and Sayli has adopted Zoon, while Zoon wants to have Ritesh as her father and she shall become the thread between the two and turn cupid for their relationship.

Indu and Ritesh, have completely heart-worthy hit-and-miss moments as they haven’t met each other yet. While Indu wishes to marry her boyfriend, Ritesh is in hopes to turn his new film into a hit. We see how initially their definition to love is similar but when Indu gets the shock of her life seeing Mahesh married and he beats her father black and blue, she decides that love isn’t the same as she always thought. On the other hand, we see Ritesh’s film turns into a hit and he is celebrating this amazing news.

Now, the breaking news is that Prerna Wanvari returns to Television with Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai as Kadambari, she will play a pivotal role in Indu and Ritesh’s love story. After, Bandini, we will see her again in a character with the same name. Are you all excited for her return?

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