EXCLUSIVE! Jitendra Bohara on his character in Sony TV’s Kaamnaa: I feel Karan should be shown successful in the show


MUMBAI: Jitendra Bohara who was seen as Karan in Sony TV’s show Kaamnaa was missing from the series for quite some time now.

The actor has had an off and off track in the show. Jitendra’s presence in the show has been well-appreciated.

As the actor has now made a comeback in the show after a long time.

Tvpost got in touch with Jitendra who spoke in length about the show and much more.

Fans were eagerly missing you on-screen in Kaamnaa. What can the viewers expect with your re-entry?

Yes, lot’s of new things will be happening. A lot of changes will be taking place. We all recently celebrated Manav’s birthday in the show but Akanksha acted as a complete spoil sport and things were ruined. Fans are waiting for my presence. Right now, I am not at all supporting Akanksha. I am cringing on her for whatever she has done. I am trying my best to see that she doesn’t fulfill her bad motives. I tried to help her but she spoiled Manav’s birthday party.

What change do you wish to see in Karan’s character?

I wish to see more of Karan’s screen space in the show. He needs to be very much involved in the story. Vaibhav had troubled Karan a lot, so I am really connected to this character. Bubbly has taken a good revenge and Vaibhav has gone from riches to rags. I feel Karan should be shown successful in the show.

How is it getting back to work post marriage?

It’s very good. It’s a much-needed work for me as the responsibilities have increased and by God’s grace, I am blessed to have work.

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