Exclusive! Sanjog: Tara hurts Chandani; Gauri and Amrita get into a major fight


MUMBAI : Zee TV is known for bringing some absolutely intriguing shows with quite unique and out-of-the-box storylines. This time, they are back with yet another show titled Sanjog, starring Kamya Panjabi, Rajniesh Duggal, and Shefali Sharma in lead roles. The show is under the banner of Rashmi Sharma Productions. 

Sanjog is a show that is about the ever-changing relationship of a mother and daughter. 

In the show, we see Tara being portrayed as an extremely violent young girl and Arjun and Amrita struggle to control her.

Tara is not a shopaholic like Amrita; rather, she is more of a pampered child who is unable to listen to Amrita’s advice. Chanda, on the other hand, leans more towards becoming a peace-loving type of girl, but Gauri is unsatisfied with her.

Gauri wants Chanda to be outgoing, but Chanda is a very obedient girl who has many morals. Tara’s behavior deos not satisfy Amrita, and as a result, she is constantly observing and chasing after her negative behavior and habits.

As a result of Tara always responding to Maa-sa, the plot has picked up speed. Amrita is worried about them. 

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In the upcoming plot, we will see that during a birthday celebration for the two, Tara kicks Chandani down because of jealously, and as a result, Amrita will be really upset. When Gauri shows up and scolds Chandani, Amrita will get all riled up and fight her. 

But, Chandani will get really upset by this and decides that she will dance regardless of her injury. Amrita takes Chandani away while Gauri looks on.

Will Gauri find out that it was Tara who pushed Chandani?

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