Shivaji Satam meets his CID team and shares a picture, nostalgic fans say, “ek baar aajao phir se…”


MUMBAI: CID has been a cult show of its time. The way the makers got the viewers intrigued with various crime investigations and their conclusions was brilliant. The show was one of the longest running and had a sizable fan following until it went off air. The characters like Daya, ACP Pradhyuman and Dr. Salunkhe became household names and many memes too have been made on them in recent times. 

Actor Shivaji Satam who essayed the lead role of ACP Pradhyuman in the show recently shared a delightful picture with his CID team; Dayanand Shetty, Aditya Srivastava and the creator of the show BP singh, on his social media page and wrote, “#the GANG of CID with Big Daddy BP.”

Seeing this picture, netizens got nostalgic as well as excited. Some of their comments read, “ek baar aajao phir se sab wapas,”, one wrote “So good to see you all together…,” another fan stated, “Missing you all alot sir,” and “Bring back the show sir.” Some also put crying emojis and some put heart ones. 

It is evident from the reaction on the social media that the show has been missed and fans want the cast to reunite for some more episodes. Premiered in 1997, CID has completed 1500 plus episodes. Its main cast included ACP Pradhyuman (Shivaji Satam), Daya (Dayanand Shetty), Abhijeet (Aditya Srivastava) and Freddy (Dinesh Phadnis).

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