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A lady is moving smoke around Jodha in the name of her safety. Rukaiya is behind all this. Jodha is suffocating because of the smoke. Rukaiya asks her to sit and said you have bear this for your better.

Off screen Jodha says, this isn’t love. She has been doing this for a while to make Jalal’s hers. This is yet another one. Rukaiya says I didn’t let her breathe.

Rukaiya has done this to save Jodha from Maham’s bad prayers. She is basically doing this for the twin children Jodha is about to give birth to. As she has vowed to give one of them to Rukaiya.

Rukaiya says, I am confused too. Sometimes i become pious. My intention is just to save her from bad things. Jodha says, her enviousness came out with the smoke today. obviously, I was suffocating. It was difficult to shoot this scene. Rukaiya says, we are very friendly behind the screen. I have made a whatsapp group called Mughal shughal. Jodha says, you work well if you are happy with your crew.

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