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Reporter says Pragya has become rockstar. Abhi and Pragya are doing dhamaal by playing guitar. Sautan Tanu gets irked seeing their rocking cocktail. Today Pragya has become music teacher and Abhi has become her student.

Pragya says she was not teaching him. Abhi says everyone saw her teaching him. Abhi tells that he have to perform in a big concert, so Pragya gives inputs to him. She is a sitar teacher so her suggestions are most welcome.

Reporter says Abhi is preparing for her dream concert. Abhi doesn’t like Pragya’s involvement in music. Pragya suggests him something. Abhi asks her to keep quiet. Abhi says he is getting angry as he is feeling hot.

Tanu says she is here to show the insecurity. She is getting jealous and fulfilling her duty, laughs. Reporter praises Abhi for playing the guitar well and says we will wait to see his performance at the concert. Keep reading.

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