Meghan Jadhav exits Radhakrishn after a FIGHT!


MUMBAI: As one of the high points in the epic love saga, Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s RadhaKrishn reaches its final journey with the end of Vyomasura, it will be an exit for Jai Shri Krishna actor Meghan Jadhav who appeared on the show for a brief stint as a part of an intense storytelling.

Sumedh Mudgalkar who plays Krishn in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s magnum opus mythological series fought Vyomasura in an extended chapter which is of prime significance in the love story between the greatest lords. Meghan who’s himself portrayed Krishna on his previous show played asura ( demon) in RadhaKrishn & is defeated by Krishn after an intense fight sequence. Vyomasura enters their lives as Radha’s imposter groom.

Previously RadhaKrishn’s love story takes an interesting turn as Krishn makes Radha overcome her anger. Radha eventually realizes that she agrees to marry Vyomesh because of her feelings of anger towards Krishn. In a fit of rage, Radha had broken Krishn’s beloved flute. So she with all her love, makes a new flute for Krishn. Radha later plays the melody & Krishn is drawn towards her. Both of them join hands to stop Radha’s wedding with Vyomesh who is in reality, an asura.
Krishn saves Radha from the demon’s captivity & gives mukti to Vyomasura.

Looks like both the Krishn’s shared a great camaraderie off screen & had a bittersweet moment as Meghan bid adieu to the show.

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