Oops! THIS is how Rakhi Sawant reacts on forgetting passport at the airport, netizens’ reactions are unmissable


MUMBAI: Rakhi Sawant was recently spotted with her beau Adil Durrani at the airport leaving for someplace, where suddenly she remembered in front of paps that she has forgotten to bring her passport.

In a video Rakhi can be seen hold her mouth as she remembers that she forgot to take her passport. She runs a bit, and says, “Sorry, I forgot my passport.” She keeps saying sorry, as Adil asks her to look into her bag.

Netizens took to the comments section and called her a ‘drama queen’ and ‘overacting ki dukaan’. One person wrote, “such a drama queen.” Another wrote, “Wah inko nhi pata airport se khin jana hai to pasport zaroori hai ovver acting ki dukaan.” Another commented, “She is a drama queen but I like her drama.” Another comment read, “I know it is over acting. But she is always happy funny and makes us feel life is beautiful. Atleast i get a smile on my face.”

Earlier, Rakhi had filed a complaint against husband Ritesh. She had said, “He (Ritesh) has changed the Facebook and Instagram passwords of my account. I don’t know why he is doing this. He is writing all the wrong things.”

Meanwhile, Rakhi recently updated her fans by posting pics of her new dream house in Dubai gifted by her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani.

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